Neuro-Ability Rehabilitation Services


We primarily treat individuals with conditions impacting the nervous system, such as incomplete spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons’s disease, etc. We work to optimize balance, strength, flexibility, walking, and arm and leg function.

Visits are generally 60-minutes in duration, and they are all spent one on one with your physiotherapist.

All the Neuro-Ability physiotherapists utilize various treatment tools and techniques to maximize movement potential. In addition, we all incorporate the Bobath concept in our work.

In addition to physiotherapy treatments in the clinic, we offer additional services specifically designed to complement patients' physiotherapy programs. For example:

  • Home visits from qualified Rehabilitation Assistants
  • Individual gym training sessions :: 1156 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC :: 604-321-5807 :: Facebook

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